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Wet Wednesday

Only On Wednesdays... silly!

A sandwich made with all 5 of our meats in a special sauce simmered for 4 hours on the pit!!!

- $5.00

The Un-Caterer

You Pick it Up. We Love to Cook for Groups of 20 or More.

Use the following guidelines to help plan your gathering:

- 1 Pound of Meat = 3 servings, 4 sandwiches or 2 hungry men

- One Whole Chicken = 4 servings of 2 pieces each

- 1 Rack of Ribs = 4 women, 3 men or 2 Deputy Sheriffs

- Sides cost $1 per person for each side

- A foil pan (included) hold sides for 25 people ($25)

Sufficient sauce is provided with your purchase


On the Corner and Uptown

South Location

We're located right on the corner of US1 and SR206.

110 State Rd. 206 East - St Augustine, FL 32086



North Location

New location on US1 right at the Welcome Center

1409 Ponce de Leon Blvd (U.S 1) - St Augustine, FL 32086


Our Story

A word to the wise for BBQ novice or those who frequent some franchise joints: It takes 6 to 15 hours to make authentic fresh smoked BBQ. That means you either get up REAL early to start your smokin' or you reheat and serve yesterday's meat. WE PREFER TO GET UP REAL EARLY. Or in the case of brisket, we begin our smoking process the night before.

Each day begins by consulting the ghosts of BBQ Kings of past, an old voodoo witch in the swamp and a ouija board to assist us in guessing just how much meat our fine customers will consume this glorious day. After which we rub our butts (the shoulder, silly) and all of our other meats one more time with our special spices, cross our fingers, stoke the smoker and load it up. We REALLY hate to waste good meat so you may occasionally find that some hungry soul has beaten you to the last rib or pound of meat in the place. If this happens, we sincerely apologize and suggest you either go hunt 'em down, arrive earlier the next time, or better yet, call ahead. 'CAUSE WE JUST WON'T SELL YESTERDAY'S MEAT! We sell BBQ at it's perfect moment.

- Smokin' Daryl


Smokin' D's Party Catering Menu

You can pick up your party package, and pick up meats, sides, and a selection of sauces A la Carte from our menu.

Meats are purchased by the pound, Ribs or Chicken are whole rack or quantity. Our sides are sold in pints, or you can purchase a whole pan ( approx. 25 servings each pan. )

Homemade Baked Beans - $30 per pan, Cole Slaw, Southern Yellow Rice - $25 per pan

Please give a minimum four weeks advance notice of catering on parties over 60 people. We have been known for making miracles happen on short notice but we want to make sure your catering job is perfect. A 50% deposit is required with on-site catering packages.

With catering jobs we do not supply any plates, utensils, paper napkins or dessert. Sorry for any inconvenience but this helps keep our costs down.

25-30 People

2 Meat Package

Includes Pork, Chicken, Bread, Sauce, Yellow Rice and choice of either D's Smokin Beans or Cole Slaw.

Prices are for orders being picked up by a member of your party.

  • 25-30 People

50-60 People

3 Meat Package

Includes Pork, Smoked Chicken and also includes our juicy Turkey. Choose two sides. Bread and sauce included.

Prices are for orders being picked up by a member of your party.

  • 50-60 People

On - Site Catering

Our staff and a Pit Master will come to your party and cut and serve on-site. You get Pork and choice of either Chicken or Turkey. Also included is plenty of sauce, dinner rolls and any two side dishes. Additional meat options can be added to this package at an upcharge of $3.00 per person. Please ask for details.

  • 50 Person Minimum

Go Whole Hog

This is usually the Groom's Favorite but we're seeing many more ladies go Hog Wild over this option. You can add a "Whole Hog" to your catering package. This is truly a southern treat to attend a pig-pickin! Whole Hog and juicy pork butt. You also get a choice between chicken or turkey. Sauce, dinner rolls and choose from any two side dishes.


  • Minimum 60 People


See what goes on around these parts. We have occasional events and we love catering.

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